Achieving Traction Mentorship


Program available in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

We will work together during eight weeks to identify product and marketing opportunities, develop strategies to test your key business assumptions and execute them together. Our only objective will be to achieve measurable traction with minimal resources and empower you to achieve success in your startup without depending on third parties.

“Achieving Traction” Mentorship includes eight weekly one-hour private videoconference sessions with Enrique Levin, founder of ELEVIN Ventures, entrepreneur, experiential entrepreneurship professor, as well as mentor and judge at multiple startup accelerators worldwide.

The program costs $2,000 USD. We accept all major credit cards and paypal.


Free diagnosis worth $250 USD.


Enrique advised our team in various fields including digital marketing and website optimization. He has the ability to approach challenges in a very methodological way using his extensive knowledge and experience. Enrique was effective in improving our e-commerce platform, all the way from analyzing our overall business plan to fine-tuning our GoogleAds strategy, improving Facebook campaigns and selecting the appropriate electronic tools to optimize our website. He is a great teacher and a skilled advisor in business development and operation. I strongly recommend having Enrique as a consultant/mentor. Prepare to be amazed!

Gerardo Jimenez Sanchez

Genómica Médica

Enrique has been an asset to our team through his diverse skill base and broad range of work experiences. He provided unique combination of strategic and tactical skills that were well timed for our stage of growth. His passion is rarely matched in all my years of experience. I have relied on his advisement on wide range of needs for our business including product development, marketing and operations. This versatility has been valuable. I most relish our work together on critically evaluating the effectiveness of marketing tactics leveraging data and quickly adapting to those pursuits that generate positive returns. Essential for any business, but especially early stage start ups.

Brian Gardiner


Enrique is an expert at identifying where the business opportunities and value lie in your company, regardless of the sector. In my case, agriculture. One hour with him was enough to realize that my product, an organic fertilizer, was not a good business opportunity, but a certain part of my process was: the microorganism cocktail we used to enrich the fertilizer. We tested this idea without needing to spend a single dollar, and were surprised by the favorable market response. We pivoted, creating a unique product without the operational, logistical and financial complexities of the last one, knowing that the market would buy it before we had even created it.

Sara Landa

Simbiótica Labs

Enrique is a hands-on mentor that rolls up his sleeves to work one on one with the entrepreneur. Not only did he help us defining the strategic road map, but actually helped us executing it. With a wide knowledge in marketing, sales, and product development we were able to move forward much faster and in the right direction.

Felipe Acosta


Thank you Enrique for sharing your experiences and enthusiasm. It was a great mentorship. 

Juan Carlos Sánchez-Salgado


Thank you Enrique! You’re the best. I just got my first sales to India and Nottingham, all thanks to your teachings. 

Daniel Lejtman


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Enrique Levin, founder of ELEVIN Ventures, will be your guide and mentor during this program. Enrique is an entrepreneur with more than 30 startups in his portfolio. He is a professor of experiential entrepreneurship at the Brandeis University International Business School and at the Tecnológico de Monterrey. He is also a mentor and judge at MassChallenge and multiple accelerators and incubators worldwide. During 2018 he was the Entrepreneur in Residence (EIR) for MassChallenge México, helping 46 startups maximize their traction during the program. Enrique is an expert in frugal entrepreneurship and he will empower you to achieve real traction with minimal resources.

During this eight week program you will meet with Enrique via videoconference every week for an hour to define priorities, create action plans and execute them together, seeking traction for your startup.

You will learn:

– Startup Strategy

– Creating a Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

– Bootstrapping

– Operations Management

– Comunication Management

– Product Management


– Digital Marketing (Landing pages and ads)

– Email Marketing

– Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

– Content Marketing (SEM)

– B2B and B2C Sales

– Product Development


Program available in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Let’s talk about how to maximize the value of every step you take as an entrepreneur, while maximizing the value and potential impact of your startup. We will identify the key technological platforms required to test your business assumptions with minimal resouces and without depending on third parties. 

Free diagnosis worth $250 USD.